Learn how to Create a Safe Place and Connect with your Self Within

Create your own inner garden of peace that you can enter at any moment in time.

Not everyone is fortunate to live in nature, by the sea, near a forest or mountainside, or able to drive a short distance to get away from the city. This makes making your internal landscape a place of peace and tranquility even more important. To create a space where you can go within and find your very own personalized and safe place to just be.

This will allow you to drown out the noise of urban living.

This will allow you to create a reality within yourself that will trick your brain into believing that you are in fact experiencing that wonderful peaceful calm place. This will have a direct physiological impact on your body and bring about change in brain waves - from immense stress (for example) to calmness and peace.

Some people find themselves living in war torn countries; in cities rife with gang violence and high crime rates and some live in homes where love is absent.

It is thus very important that every single person on this planet should be able to create a safe place within themselves, that they can visit any time of the day or night; whether at work or at play.

Create this place for yourself.

Let it be free of the worries and fears of this world.

And let love and peace guide you ever so gently to the truth that you are.

Do you want to clear away and release all:

  • fears
  • doubts
  • regrets
  • false beliefs
  • negative patterns
  • obstacles
  • blockages
  • wrongful thinking
  • cobwebs
  • and all forms of self-sabotage that keep you from living an amazing life?

Your time here on earth is short and yet we are all beings living in an existence of infinity, where time does not exist. Yes, you are quite correct, we will not take our physical earthly bodies with us when we leave this planet, but we will be transformed to our former glorious Selves - the very essence of who we are - the Spark of the Divine within us. Not one of us is excluded from this - whether you believe it to be true or not. Like Einstein said - reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.

This program has been designed with love and in the flow of Spirit. I have neither added nor subtracted anything that should not be here. I believe this to be a life-affirming, love-awakening and fear-releasing program which has been inspired (in-spirited) by the very core of love and freedom itself. This might be a lot to take in, but just go with the flow like I did when I created this program, and see subtle shifts and changes, endless possibilities and a new found peace and tranquility in your life.

Creating your Garden of Eden is an essential part to creating a space where you can go to get away from the maddening pace of the world and to find the peace you need to come back to who you are. You will find yourself there.

This program has:

- videos

- mp3 audio files

- pdf downloads

- meditations to bring about clarity, focus and healing

These are all created with the intention of helping you create that safe space you need, where you can be yourself without fear, anxiety, stress or restrictions. Welcome to your peaceful space – your very own Garden of Eden.

Your Instructor

Jennifer L. Breakey
Jennifer L. Breakey

Jennifer is a former HR Executive and Director, and is currently a coach, mentor, author and an advocate for mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. She is a mom and mom-in-law. Jennifer is far more than any label you can pin on her. As a former HR Executive and Director, Jennifer has seen people self-sabotage their own success and happiness. She has seen power struggles at play, lives out of balance, and chronic stress in the seemingly most together people. She has managed large teams which she has grown from ground level up. She has lead, coached and trained HR departments, managers and leaders alike. She has also worked with clients and businesses from around the globe. Her passion is to help others find their own success story, through living from their own authenticity and true self.

Jennifer has stepped away from the corporate world to focus solely (and soul-y) on bringing love and healing to the world. She believes that if we can all remove that which we are not, look through the lens of true perception, then we are all well on our way to achieving a true awakening to who we truly are.

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The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
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How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
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