As a former HR Executive and business director, I have gained some invaluable insights into the workings of a truly upstanding and ethical business.

It is all our responsibilities to ensure that we continue to create fair, equitable and sustainable businesses for all.

In this bundle you get so much value for what you are paying for. This bundle course is aimed at giving you everything you need to start building your successful business today!

In this bundle, you get 4 essential business courses:

  1. Neuroscience in the Workplace - business mind-training at its best
  2. Creating a Fair and Equitable Workplace - jam-packed with loads of downloadables
  3. Transforming Business Data into Actionable Insights - you will be amazed at just how much dormant data you have, that you are not utilizing to its maximum efficacy, that you could tap into and analyze, and that which will help you grow a business of measurable impact
  4. Professional Business English - for anyone who is learning English as a second language, and for any native English speaker who wants to ensure they are professional and clear in all their written and verbal communications

Hi, I’m Jennifer Breakey

I guess you could label me in many ways – a personal and professional coach, mentor, visionary, an emotionally intelligent leader, an author and a speaker. But I am far more than any label you can pin on me.

Life is fluid, nothing is cast in stone. Keep on figuring out what it is you want to do, and then keep going until you find that one thing that makes you feel expansive; that makes you feel like you are home. It should not be stressful or keep you up at night. You will know what it is when you find it.

As a former HR Director and executive, I have seen self-imposed obstacles that keep people from moving forward in their lives. I once managed a large team, which I grew from ground level up. I have set up, coached, mentored and trained HR departments, managers and leaders. I am fortunate enough to have worked for many clients and businesses from all around the world.

Best of all, I have met wonderful people along the way who have shown me the true value of life and living.

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